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I have been working with Dr. Harper for 7 weeks. My symptoms were arthritis in back and foot, peripheral neuropathy from Diabetes II. These manifested as numbness in toes, great pain in arthritic foot after standing and/or walking for less than an hour, severe back pain limiting movement and 24 hour low-level pain in one leg and hip, coming from my back, according to my physician. As a “young” retiree, I had low energy and was depressed over my physical health and limitations ( ie.- restricting travel), imagining things to only deteriorate further as I grew older. After one session, the pain in my leg was gone. Over the past few weeks, pain has greatly diminished in all areas, my energy has improved a hundredfold, and I can walk, stand, move for hours without pain. I feel like I have gotten my life back. Best investment I’ve made in many, many years. -Joan Gerstein